Frequently Ask Questions...

Here are a few questions and answers that will help you during your credentialing process.

1. What is required?

Each student must meet the program's eligibility requirements in order to enroll in a credentialing program.  The requirements are as follows:

    You must be employed in a Head Start or preschool program.
    You must be able to speak, read and write well enough to fulfill the  responsibilities of the credentialing or certificate program.
    You must be able to participate in yearly online team assessment meetings.
    You must honor your profession's code of ethics.
    You must have had a total of three formal or informal educational experiences.


After eligibility requirements have been determined, each candidate must meet the training requirements within a 12 month period. The twelve months begin once application and registration fees have been received by the University. During the 12 months, a candidate must:

  Complete required credits or clock hours of training from an approved HSU institution, company, university or college.
  Pass required exam(s) that provide a valid and reliable measure of your Head Start regulations proficiency and your expertise.
  Must complete a portfolio packet. 


2. What type of credential or license can I receive?

You may choose a credential or license status from three content areas. These content areas include ERSEA, Family Engagement, Disabilities, Education, Mental Health, Management and Health. Our credential and license programs do not simply grant a credential or license for one single training or exam.  Candidates enrolled in our program to achieve a premiere academic level of certification.  The tier type process allows candidates to advance as they become more knowledgeable of a content area.  This type of credential and license programs transfers easily into a 2 year or 4 year degree.

3. How long does it take to complete the program?

Usually 6-12 months although some have completed the programs in three months. All credential program requirements must be met within a 12 month period.  However, you can complete the requirements in a much shorter period of time or you can pace the process to suit your own situation.  You can move through the program as quickly or gradually as you are able.

4. What is required to enroll?

You must complete a candidate application. The application begins your journey into the curriculum and provides the university with needed personal information in order to start your candidate profile and transcript.  Once you complete the application, you submit it with the application fee.  The fee is $485 and covers the 3 years you are enrolled into the program.

5. What happens after I attend a training and take the exams?

Once you have met the program requirements (eligibility assessment, candidate application, complete training requirements of up to 75 credits or 200 course hours, pass up to three core exams), then a team evaluation (TE) will be completed.  The team evaluation (TE) will assess a candidate to ensure that you have met program requirements.  This will include a collection of the candidate information which includes requested forms, meeting training requirements of 15 credits, pass two exams, complete portfolio packet and the Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

When planning your TE, you should allow the University enough time to receive all documentation.  The Team Evaluation (TE) process is conducted twice monthly.  In order to schedule team evaluation for the succeeding month, all documentation must be received by your TA team by the 15th of the month. 

6. Is there help through the program?

Yes.  You will be assigned two people -- a student representative and an advisor -- to serve as your TA team.  Each person is assigned to help you through the credentialing process.  Student representatives will monitor your requirement process.  They will collect all your requirements and post the information to your transcript.  Your student representative will ensure you are scheduled for all exams and trainings within your specified timeline as well as make sure all documentation is current and updated on your transcript.  Your student advisor will help you with career advancement and curriculum advisement.  Both people are a team to help ensure you have all information and documentation required for the evaluation process.

7. When will I get my certificate?

Once all your requirements are met and your portfolio packet is received, a team evaluation meeting is set.  Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd of each month.  You must submit your packet by the 15th of the prior month in order to make the team meeting for the next month.  Once a meeting is set, the Dean, advisor and student representative meet to determine awarding the credential.  If requirements are met, the credential award is given and the official credential is sent to you within four (4) to six (6) weeks of decision. If the requirements are incomplete and the team has followed procedures, the Dean will deny the credential and you will be notified in writing within 10 business days of decision. If requirements are not met, your advisor will recommend that you reapply or inform you of your appeal procedures.

8. How long am I credentialed?

A credential is valid for 3 years from award date, after which it may be renewed for a two (2) year period.  All credentialed professionals must maintain 15 continuing education credits per year in order to maintain their current credential.  You are required to renew your credential within the last three months.  You may renew your current credential level only.  A credential for a different level can only be earned through a new assessment.

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