Frequently Ask Questions... Continued

9. What forms do I need?

To ensure you are meeting requirements, we have the following forms to help you in the credentialing process. 

Here's the forms you will need to enroll in a program...

  Candidate Application Form

  Eligibility Assessment Form

  Career Path Form

  Training Course Registration Form

  Prior Learning Assessment Form


10. Will the credential or certificate count toward college credits?

Yes.  Our credentialing and certificate program is a process of academic achievement.  This is why you cannot simply attend a class and take an exam.  The university has collaborated with several universities around the US to ensure our credentialed or certificate students can transfer their work with us toward a 2 year or 4 year degree.

11. How long does it take to complete an online credential?

Online course are 6 weeks in length depending on which level you choose.  The time it takes to complete the program will depend on several factors, including the number of credits needed, examinations and portfolio document completion.  Most online credential programs can be completed in 6 weeks.

12. How do I apply for online courses?

You begin the credential or certificate process by completing a candidate application and paying the required registration fees.  Most registration fees are included in your course registration. Ask your student representative for more information.

13. How many exams are needed?

You are required to pass the following exams that provide a valid and reliable measure of your Head Start regulations proficiency and your expertise. Exams are developed with the input of professionals in Head Start and reflect how federal regulations and requirements must be implemented throughout a Head Start program.  The exams are administered by HS University credentialed trainers in locations around the US.

  Administrative Credential Candidates are required to pass (1) one exams.
  Supervisor Credential Candidates are required to pass (2) two exams.
  Management License Candidates are required to pass (3) three exams and conduct a current instructional training event for the University to evaluate. Candidates must hold a premiere credential from an HS University approved program and complete portfolio of knowledge development and have a field observation, and complete a practicum of knowledge and experience.


14. How do I renew?

A candidate can only renew during their renewal period which is 3 years from award date, after which it may be renewed for a two (2) year period.  Credentialed professionals may renew their current credential level only.  A credential for a different level can only be earned through a new assessment.

The renewal process involves four (4) steps.

a.   Maintain your continuing education credit (CECs) requirements for credential or license
b.   Prepare a written “self-appraisal” that includes an updated autobiographical statement and a description of the renewal candidate’s professional development activities, i.e., trainings, seminars, or webinars that can be applied toward renewal of a credential. All candidates must provide a copy of training certificates for each event completed
c.   Contact student representative to discuss self appraisal documents and professional development requirements.  Required documents must be submitted to HS University within three (3) months of credential or certificate expiration date.
d.   Pay renewal fee of $495.00.







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